3 Minute Vegan Green Tea Banana Ice Cream


Ok, can I first start off by saying that this picture does this recipe little to NO justice; I apologize and take full responsibility on not providing better visual images, but I could not wait to share recipe.

There are two things in life I really love- 1. Bananas and 2. Literally any green tea or green tea flavored food. So combine those two loves and what do you get? This magical mixture and one happy me! Banana ice creams are all the rave right now, especially in Hawai‘i with this ‘nana ice cream stand that opened up recently called Banan that people on O‘ahu just can’t seem to shut up about and stop Instagraming. Just a side note, Banan is a really cool farm-to-table Hawai‘i business that supports local famers, and if you’re ever VISITING O‘ahu you should definitely check them out. However, if you have access to a good blender and your favorite kinds of fruit then save yourself $6-$10 and make all their recipes yourself. This ‘nana ice cream recipe is easy, simple, affordable, a way better alternative to real ice cream and frozen yogurt and full of nutrients from the matcha powder. I even made it for my boyfriend and his family while visiting them on Kaua‘i this summer and they LOVEEED it! Here’s the gist.

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The $2 Body Booster


Detox waters are all the craze these days, but what’s really behind all the fuss? Detox waters are actually really neat because of how beneficial they can be for your body without requiring a ton of effort and pennies to create. I like to put a lot of citrus fruits in my detox waters, like the grapefruit and limes you see here, because of their refreshing taste and cheap prices (I am in sunny Southern California, after all, where these things grow like wild fire). A lot of people are really intimidated by grapefruit because of its tangy, bitter taste, but that fear should seriously be rethought because of how crazy good for you they actually are!

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