Purchasing the Perfect Running Shoe


Ah, I’ve been waiting so long to write this post and finally the day has come. There are soooo many people in this world who do not know how to purchase the perfect workout shoe for their foot type and certain fitness routine, but I don’t blame them. I mean it’s no wonder they’re so confused; there are so many options! There’s running shoes, walking shoes, tennis shoes, weight lifting shoes, training shoes, basketball shoes… and don’t even get me started on Shape Up’s whatever those are for. How is anyone ever supposed to know which shoe is the right fit for him or her?

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Eating by Your Macros & My New Workout Plan

My sister so lovingly pointed out yesterday that I go through blog spurs, where I write and post a bunch and suddenly fall off the face of the planet for weeks on end. Yea, I know she’s right as much as it pains me to admit it. It’s pretty dang hard being a full-time college student and working three jobs ok?? STOP RUBBING IT IN! Haha just joking, but the reason why I haven’t been writing so much, aside from the fact that I’ve been so busy, is because I’ve been digging a lot into a different kind of diet/lifestyle that kind of contradicts some of the previous practices and posts I’ve shared. BE PREPARED: this post will be an essay.

I’m officially now seven weeks into a three-month workout series entitled the Bikini Body Workout that I started NOT to get a bikini body but to build lean muscle and strength endurance before I begin track next spring. The Bikini Body Workout consists of targeted and full body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts that require a lot more muscle work than my normal average run. Because of this workout change, I began to to dive deeper into diet-workout relationships and what it really takes to build the look and feel of lean muscle mass. Thus, resulting in my new craze: eating by your macros.

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