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If you’re looking for a way to eat, sleep and breathe healthiness without seeing the dusty lint on the bottom of your wallet sleeves, then have I got a site for you! My name is Kamalei Lee and I’m a sunflower-loving, shower-singing, long-distance-running, three-job-working, slightly obsessive health freak. I’m a born and raised 21-year-old Hawai‘i girl attending college at the University of La Verne in Southern California. My daily routine consists of me constantly trying to maintain my passionate nutrition ideals while managing my typical, very tiny college student budget. I’m always looking for ways to defy the boundaries my dorm living situation and fairly limited time and funds. But, my struggles are now like blessings in disguise as I learn to kindle my inner ingenuity and create a healthy, innovative lifestyle all my own.

This blog is dedicated to the guys and gals, like myself, who want to live a healthy lifestyle but just don’t have the funds to do it the way those expensive health stores tell you to. It’s time to bid farewell to that archaic assumption drive-thrus, processed crackers and fancy gyms are selling and say hello to simple, scrumptious, and nutritious penny-savvy practices! Enjoying a beautifully-crafted salad or nailing an interval training workout may require more coins and commitment than a Big Mac, but a healthy lifestyle is a lot more attainable and affordable than most people think. Cheap, good-for-you habits do not come from a paper bag, plastic wrapper or snooty spin class- they come from the pots in your kitchen, the passion in your mind and the perseverance in your heart. All it takes is a sprinkle of creativity, a dash of information digging, and a heaping brew of innovation and inspiration!

Think of this blog as somewhere in between overripe, squished discount-priced bananas and a fancy vegan chia seed soufflé from your favorite French bistro that you can never pronounce the name of. My goal is to forge the bond between health and the maintenance of wealth by sharing my crafty, quirky and frugal health secrets. Here’s to those broke yet bright individuals who love a good bargain just as much as a tasty broiled beet burger. I toast my well-earned, perfectly-mixed banana kale smoothie to all of you.

To health infinity and beyond!

One thought on “About Me

  1. Eddie says:

    Great blog! Looks like you spent a lot of time on this. Mom and I have been trying to eat healthier since you left after Christmas. Thanks for encouraging us to be more food conscious!


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