5 Minute Veggie Spring Roll Wraps


I’m baaaack! It’s been such a long time I know, but things have been pretty hectic ever since I came home to Hawai‘i for the summer. New jobs, old friends, big families and too many exciting recipes to choose from can get a girl a little off her routine, but never fear! I have TONS of amazing things to share now that I finally have some time to write it all out.

The first week I was home my boyfriend and I spent a night in Waikiki, O‘ahu’s big and, in my humble opinion, overly-populated hotel strip. Also known as our “city” haha, which is too city for me but now we’re just going off on a tangent. Anyways, with all our money spent on a fancy dinner the night before and a nice stay at a classic Hawaiian hotel, we had very little funds to spend on any meals the next day. So what do we do? Improvise of course!

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My boyfriend is actually the one who came up with this genius idea and made sure we cut all our veggies and brought all ingredients to the hotel with us the night before (mostly because when he gets hungry there’s a little time gap where he needs to be fed before he gets obsessively cranky). Ready to hear the details? Here’s the gist:


  • 1 package of Vietnamese spring roll rice paper wrappers- $2.20 @ most grocery stores
  • 1 bundle of romaine lettuce- prices may vary
  • 2 large carrots- prices may vary
  • 2 regular cucumbers (Japanese work well also)- prices may vary
  • 1 package of clover sprouts (any kind of sprout you choose will work also)- $1.30 @ most grocery stores
  • 1 bottle of Vietnamese spicy spring roll dipping sauce- $3.25 @ most grocery stores (you can also make homemade recipe, check it out here)
  • Optional ad-ins:
    • Extra firm tofu
    • Roasted chicken
    • Cooked shrimp
    • Sliced avocados


  1. Cut carrots, cucumbers and lettuce into long, skinny strips small enough to fit into wraps.
  2. Fill up a large plate with water and soak rice papers for 1-1 1/2 minutes on each side, rotating carefully to make sure paper retains an even amount of water.IMG_0151
  3. Once paper reaches desired sticky, soft texture, remove from water plate and place onto a dry plate.
  4. Place lettuce on the rice paper first as a base, add carrots and cucumbers next and finish off with a large handful of sprouts. IMG_0148
  5. Once your rice paper is filled, carefully wrap the paper like a burrito. But be sure to be gentle, the paper can and will easily rip the longer its soaked in water. IMG_0150
  6. Dip wraps in your spicy sauce, savor and enjoy!

This recipe is so simple, healthy, affordable and portable, you’ll never be left starving on a vacation or day out relaxing this hot summer. Stay tuned for more of my amazing summer finds.


To health infinity and beyond!

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